Car sales

Are you going to purchase a new car or an older car? Wheather it should be a car for your personal needs, company use or just for fun, don’t hesitate to contact us. Because of our large experience, we are able to give you a good advice, no matter if you prefer economy operation or riding features, price or image.

We provide sell of single cars as good as whole company fleets, boundless mark, kind or age. Obviously, we can also import any car from Europe or USA. Thanks to long-term cooperation with bussines partners worldwide, we can offer you also exclusive car marks like Aston-Martin, Ferrari or Maserati. For all our cars, you surely get a guarantee including complete services. With any car from us you always get:

  • profitable financial services
  • insurance by prestigious and high quality insurance companies
  • number plates execution
  • guarantee according to manufacturer
  • put of your car to your home or office, restaurant, hotel, etc.
  • all our VIP car services
  • in case of a guarantee reparation, substitute car for free
  • with service checks or accidents, substitute car for free

Our actual offer of cars is available on-line.

So if you want more than just to buy a car, turn on us. With purchasing of a car, our services just begins. If you rather write, than call, use our contact form. Our answer will be a complete offer of services meeting your needs.

Business contact

Jaromír Ptáček, +420 602 808 167