Do you wish to agree a high quality insurance contract, but you don’t want to pay enormous high rates? Same as with our other services, even in insurance we offer you a high level personalized solution. According to our long-time experiences and skills from both financial and automotive sectors, we can recommend you the insurance company, that will meet your requirements best, and of course prepare a contract.

If you already have any offer, from any other company, we will prepare a comparation for you in only one day – not just economical, but also looking to the quality and reliability of each insurance company. Anytime, at our office, you can arrange:

  • Third-party risks insurace (obligatory by Czech law)
  • Vehicle insurance, including additional insurances (car glasses, tow-away, substitute car, luggage etc.)

In a very short term, we can prepare an offer for whole company fleets.

Further, we can also prepare a contract for you for insurances of:

  • your home
  • your buildings
  • life insurance
  • other mounts – planes, ships, etc.
  • machinery and facilities

Business contact

  • Jaromír Ptáček, +420 602 808 167