Financial services

You don’t want to debit your budget with one single expense when buying a new car for cash? Even in this case, we offer you a solution according to your wishes and needs. Economically, it is very profitable to use operative leasing, which brings you many advantages:

  • purchase of a car without any downpayment – you don’t need to spend any higher amount of your budget
  • monthly instalments are fully considered as an expense – you discount whole VAT even with limousines, not only with vans or trucks
  • vehicles purchased through operative leasing are standing out of balance sheet
    after finishing leasing, you may buy the car for a depreciated cost

In our case, we surely offer you even more. Full service leasing – where further advantages are included in a monthly instalment:

  • full guidance with choosing the right car, its purchase and its setting in operation
  • allowance of charges related to operation of a car
  • full KASKO insurance including supplementary insurance
  • regular services including changes of tyres and all reparatures
  • non-stop on-road assistence including a substitute car
  • all our usual services including pick-up of your car at yours and its return
  • posibility of evidence of expenses related to your car
  • monthly instalment is firm

As an alternative, there is still financial leasing – long time proofed method of purchasing a new car. According to strong competitive environment, its prices are really advantageous.

favourable prices
account advantages
proofed quality
as a disadvantage stays property right of the leasing company to your car

If you wish to be the only owner of your car, there is still a chance to get a buyer’s credit:

low increases
customers advantages same as with financial leasing
car is your property, the bank has only a right of lien

If you find any of theese possibilities interresting for you, and you would like to know more, don’t hesitate and contact us.

Business contact

  • Jaromír Ptáček, +420 602 808 167