Car assistance

Did you get into an unpleasant situation on the road, and your car is unable to continue in ride? Leave your troubles to us! Within our services, there is a draw away truck ready for you 24 hours a day, including a substitute car, so you can continue in your trip. In case of need, we can provide a payment for accomodation. Don’t hesitate and call our non-stop assistance number +420 608 000 024.

Important information in case of accident

If you become a participant of an accident, it is necessary to report this situation to the insurance company as soon as possible. You can deal this just in one phone call. Here are important facts that are needed to be known:

  • Number of insurance contract
  • Place, date and time of accident
  • Registration numbers of your car and other participants cars
  • Number of your driving licence

Later, there are two more documents needed – copy of registration book of your car and copy of Police report about the accident. Both theese, you can surely give to our technician and leave the rest on us.

Insurance companies phone numbers for reporting an accident:

  • Allianz: +420 800 170 000
  • Česká pojišťovna: +420 841 114 114
  • Kooperativa: +420 800 105 105